The Top 15 MUST HAVE Gadgets For Christmas 2014!

The Holidays are almost upon us and our thoughts turn to what’s going to be wrapped up and sitting under the tree on Christmas Day morning.¬†Maybe you’re old school and you’ll get everyone a cup in a ball and expect nothing more in return than an orange or two in your stocking. Or, if you’re not really weird, something a whole lot cooler. Like the newest gadget. But what? Well, we’ve drawn together a list of the 15 best gadgets for Christmas 2014!


Amazon has smashed into the streaming TV market recently and set the bar high with their new Amazon Fire TV set top box. It’s powerful, easy to use and competitively priced. So stop watching your favourite television programs hunched over your laptop – upgrade!

Amazon Fire TV


For less than a hundred bucks, the clever Automatic gizmo plugs straight into a socket in your car and relays useful information about your car and driving habits to an accompanying smartphone app. You can use the data to analyse best routes, fuel economy, average speeds, your car’s health and lots more.



Plug this media streaming adaptor into the HDMI port into your TV and pair it with your phone, tablet or laptop and you’ve turned your set into a fully-functioning smart TV. And for just $32!



A wristband that beams a screen onto your arm that’s fully touchable and receptive, this gadget truly looks like something from the future. Read more about the Circet Bracelet here.

Circet Bracelet


Everyone knows that GoPros are the ultimate video cameras. So when they release new models, you know each new one is probably going to be the best action camcorder¬†on the market, especially for 4k and ultra HD filming…

GoPro Hero4


A smart, simple and subtle ‘social navigation platform’ for your bike. Easily fitted, the intuitive LED lights guide you on your pre-designated route. Little arrow flashes tell you where you’re headed. It also comes with an app and its powerful lights give you full visibility on the road.



The smallest yet most powerful wireless speaker on the market, Jambox even looks cool. It connects with computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and Bluetooth devices. The sound from these things is crystal clear and pristine too. A truly excellent choice.

Jambox Speaker

Delays on this mean you may have to wait a few months after Christmas for delivery but from what we’ve heard, it’ll be more than worth the wait. Compatible with your iPhone, they’ll be available for under $350 and looks to be the first big wave of wearable technology pieces to take the world by storm.

Apple Watch


If you’re into photography, you’ll love this panoramic ball camera. It’s a simple premise. You head somewhere that’s picturesque and hurl the Panomo into the air. At the highest point before it heads back down again, it takes a shot. In full panorama. 360 degrees. A shot you’d never get otherwise. Don’t worry if you’re a terrible catch, either – it’s totally protected and cant withstand a wallop on its return to earth!

Panomo Ball Camera


It’s not always appropriate to fumble around with your phone, is it? In business meetings or family events, for instance. But you may be expecting calls, emails or texts… Also, it’s annoying to keep checking your phone. So get a Ringly. Worn, naturally, on the finger – a little buzz alerts you to phone activity. Smart jewelry is here.


Printing your smartphone photos can be a trying task at times. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get your hands on physical copies of your pics any time, anywhere? Well, soon you’ll be able to with the SnapJet smartphone instant printer. Mini Polaroids whenever you want! SnapJet printers aren’t available just yet, but hold on – they won’t be long… Want to be first in the queue? Check out the SnapJet Kickstarter page.

SnapJet Printer


Make flawless cocktails every single time with this excellent invention. Constant calculations are made by the intelligent scales and feedback is given by the app. So it tells you what to pour, how much to put in, when to stop, the lot! It’s like constantly having an expert bartender in your kitchen! And it comes in at under a hundred dollars¬†too.

The Perfect Drink


Here’s one for any crazy billionaire families out there… The Luvaglio laptop, which is more commonly known as ‘The Million Dollar Laptop’. Yep, you read that right. A cool million. Good luck convincing your sister to get you this for Christmas.

Luvaglio Laptop


Already got a $1m Luvaglio laptop? Looking for something a bit snazzier? How about this? The ¬£15m iPhone… It’s almost 18 months since¬†this crazy luxury handset hit the market. So you’ve gotta imagine it’s depreciated in value a little. Maybe Santa will get you one now it’s only coming in at $14.9m!

The Stuart Hughes Black Diamond iPhone 5


Maybe you wouldn’t want to waste millions on a bit of tech? Perhaps you can only be separated with your cash by something truly essential and practical. If that’s the case, allow us to introduce you to the $6,650 USB-enabled Kohler Numi smart toilet. With Bluetooth music playing abilities, ambient lighting, Back up battery generator, foot warmers, bidet function, seat warmers and remote controlled flushing, this really is the King of Thrones!

Kohler Numi Toilet

We’re sorry if we’ve messed up your wishlist to Santa Claus…

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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