It Was Just A Normal Ultrasound … Until Something Truly Amazing Happened

To monitor that all is going well during a woman’s pregnancy, obstetricians use ultrasound to peer inside an expectant mom’s belly and take a peek at the little guy inside.

When the mother and her family in the following footage saw what her baby was getting up to, they were amazed. It’s not unusual to see babies in the womb moving around, sucking their thumbs, and even sneezing. But this little dude decided to put on even more of a show. The results are impressive!

Someone call the US Olympic Committee! We could have our next gold medal-winning gymnast on our hands here!

Did You Know?

Ultrasound technology isn’t just used to watch babies goofing around in the womb. The system is also used to spot problems in muscles, tendons and many internal organs in the human body. Think of ’em like sophisticated versions of those x-ray specs they used to advertise in the backs of comic books.

Except these ones work!

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Written by Team Bash

Team Of Bored Individuals


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