10 Life Changing and Money-Saving Life Hacks With Vinegar!

Vinegar. You’ve got a bottle of it in the back of your cupboard, haven’t you? What do you use it for? Sprinkling on chips? Pickling things? Okay. But how about for making flowers last longer? Or stopping your pets from scratching? No? Well, what about for cleaning things? Hmmm… Sounds like you’re not making the most of your vinegar! But don’t worry, nor were we until until we watched this ace video…

It turns out that that inexpensive glass bottle of liquid you barely use is one of the most useful things you can have in your house! Watch this video and find out the top ten ways you can utilise this magic stuff:


Now, so long as you don’t mind your entire house smelling of vinegar – these tips should help you in so many ways! Do you know someone that could use a few household tips? Send them this post. They might even buy you a few bottles of vinegar in thanks!

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Written by Boredom Bash

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