This Waitress Thought It Was Just Another Day… Until THIS Happened

Last year, the people behind the website Break decide to run a series of videos called ‘Prank It Fwd’. They were pranks that were positive. Performed on people that deserved something nice to happen to them. And no one they met was more deserving than waitress Chelsea Roff. Chelsea raised her younger sister and got over a terrible eating disorder. Now she works at the Spring Street Smoke House and earns a relatively small salary. Yet she still finds the time and funds to keep her non-profit organization Eat Breath Thrive going. The lady’s deserved a treat. And boy did she get one! Have a look at what happened:

Did you know?
The average hourly rate of pay for a food server in the USA is less than $10 an hour.

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Written by Boredom Bash

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