This Girl’s Halloween Shoot Is As Creepy As It Is Inspiring!

Reddit user ChutneyRain is an amputee who is missing her left leg. She doesn’t let her affiliation affect her, though – she rolls with it with a wicked sense of humour. And that’s proved by this macabre Halloween shoot that she recently took part in!


We’ve never seen anything like but we think it’s totally inspired…

Halloween Photo Shoot

The inspiration came to her when her and her mom were shopping in a Spirit store and came across a cheap fake rubber leg. And what a cool idea it is! Sure, it’s a little gross, but it sends a real message of strength, we think.

Halloween Photo Shoot

ChutneyRain says of the shoot:  “So my family is pretty morbid, I mean we crack really awful jokes about my missing a leg all the time. My mum and I were at the store and we found a fake leg for just $8, and well…we came up with this freaky ass photoshoot. Why sit around and wallow when you can disturb the normal folk to no end?”

Halloween Photo Shoot

This amazing Halloween shoot for just eight bucks!

Halloween Photo Shoot

H/T: ChutneyRain

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Written by Boredom Bash

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