This Boy Braved The Cold – The Reason Why Will Warm Your Heart!

Eight year-old Tristan Regini has been braving the cold recently to shift piping hot cups of cocoa to people. Denver, Colorado gets pretty cold this time of year, so the locals are glad that he’s decided to do it. But what’s behind the beverage retail? Is Tristam a budding Donald Trump? Well, perhaps. But his main thought at the moment is friendship. His best pal Cade was recently treated for cancer at a local children’s hospital and he wants to raise money for it. So far he has too… Almost £3,000 in sales, pledges and donations!

Keep up the good work, buddy!

Did you know?
It’s thought that the ancient Mayans first created chocolate beverages around about 2,000 years ago… They drank the drink totally stone cold too. And it was flavored with chili peppers and wine!