Check Out This Amazing Real Life Fruit NINJA!

When life gives you lemons, make… a minute-long video where you slice 120 of them in half with a little machete! That’s how the old phrase goes, isn’t it? No? Well, no one told this real-life Fruit Ninja. We don’t know exactly what kind of event that he’s catering for, but whatever it is, it certainly requires quite a lot of halved lemons…

We love how everyday this kind of insane display of knife skills must be in that kitchen that a colleague of Mr. Real-Life Fruit Ninja just strolls past him the background, all nonchalant. Check out his mad citrus-slicing skillz in full here:


Hey, he may not quite be up the standard of an ancient Samurai, but still… He’s sure shows those lemons who’s boss. Right on.