Artist’s Perpetual Black Water Whirlpool Installed In The Floor Is Spell Binding!

Bubbling and turning and frothing below the surface of the floor of an old movie theater in San Gimignano, Italy is something truly spectacular. A fully-functional whirlpool that spins around in the most hypnotic and yet ominous way. It’s a piece of installation art from the genius artist Anish Kapoor. It’s called ‘Descension’ and it’s been getting visitors to the Galleria Continua gossiping as to it’s theme and significance since it was first fitted…


British-Indian artist Kapoor’s work is 500cm x 500 cm and seems to spins its water around into an abyss of never-ending nothingness. It really is something to behold.


This is what Anish had to say about the work, in his own words:

“All my life I have reflected and worked on the concept that there is more space than can be seen, that there are void spaces, or, as it were, that there is a vaster horizon. The odd thing about removing content, in making space, is that we, as human beings, find it very hard to deal with the absence of content. It’s the horror vacui.

This Platonic concept lies at the origin of the myth of the cave, the one from which humans look towards the outside world. But here there is also a kind of Freudian opposite image, that of the back of the cave, which is the dark and empty back of being. Your greatest poet, Dante, also ventured into a place like that. It is the place of the void, which paradoxically is full – of fear, of darkness.

Whether you represent it with a mirror or with a dark form, it is always the “back”, the point that attracts my interest and triggers my creativity.”


Witness ‘Decension’ in all its glory right here in this video:

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Written by Boredom Bash


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