Real Life Dr. Dolittle – This Amazing Woman Talks To The Animals!

Thought Eddie Murphy’s animal chat in Doctor Doolittle was a thing of fiction? Well, that might not be the case…

Well, of course that particular movie was fiction. But the idea of talking to animals might not be. And South African Anna Breytenbach could well be the proof. Anna is an ‘Animal Communicator’ and her recent work turning the dangerously aggressive leopard ‘Diablo’ into the placid beauty – renamed ‘Spirit’ – that you see below, is truly magnificent.

Diablo and Anna

Anna says that her goal is to raise awareness about animal issues and advance the relationships between human and non-human animals, on both personal and spiritual levels. That’s nice, isn’t it…?

Talks to the Animals

For a full profile of Anna and her phenomenal work, watch this video about her and her work with Diablo/Spirit:

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? What would you say if you could ‘talk to the animals’ like Anna here? We’d probably just tell our dog Toby to stop using the neighbour’s lawn as his personal potty. Daft dog.

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Written by Boredom Bash

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