Practical Joker Has GUN Pulled On Him In Stunt-Gone-Wrong!

Hey, we’re all different right? We all have our individual little quirks and interests. Some of us like watching sports and drinking beer. Some of us like gardening. Some of us like spying on other dudes in public bathrooms. Okay, so not many like that last one. But Chester here does. But Chester’s quite unusual. For starters, he’s a rubber head on a stick… And him and his friend Cody thought it’d be fun to peek into some stalls for a laugh and wind people up. And they did just that. In fact, one rather humourless character got so irate with the prank that he pulled a gun on Cody and his fake friend. Seriously.

Watch the pair of them go from funny to frightened in about 0.002 seconds:


Scary stuff. Chester very nearly got a cap popped in his (non-existent) butt. Luckily for him, Cody’s pretty adept at talking his way out of heavy situations.

Got a taste for wild bathroom-based stunts? Check out this crazy Thai toilet prank. It’s as scary as this one but just in a slightly different way…

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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