Fisherman Jumps In Ocean To Take A Swim With A Giant Whale Shark

When fishing guide Benny Sambrooks took a charter of fisherman out to sea a hundred miles west of Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia, he was stunned when a sixteen foot long whale shark began circling his boat. The whale shark spent hours circling around, and Benny said he’d never seen anything like it. Then, when the fisherman went to bed, Benny decided he wanted to get just that bit little closer, as the following amazing video shows:

Way to go, Benny! You’re a braver man than us! Oh sure, the whale shark is a placid beast, but as you saw in the video, there had been a tiger shark spotted in the area earlier in the day and they are not to be messed with. Still, that didn’t seem to worry Benny that much!


The whale shark is the largest species of fish in the world. The largest one ever recorded measured a staggering forty one and a half feet in length, and weighed in at a mind-blowing forty seven THOUSAND pounds! It is one of three filter-feeding sharks (the others being the basking shark and the megamouth shark), which means it sucks in its diet through its enormous mouth and filters out what is inedible through five sets of gills on the side of its head.

Forty one and a half feet long! And here was us thinking Benny’s sixteen foot shark was impressive!