You Know a Prank’s Gone BADLY Wrong When You’re Staring Down The Barrel Of a GUN

We’ve got another prank from that crazy lot over at Model Pranksters for you here below. But this one goes a little further than some of their other jokes. They’re playing with fire in this one… Well, they’re playing with firearms, anyway. It’s a dangerous game when you’re pranking people by pulling out a fake shotgun while dressed up like that scary ghost thing from Scream. Things get scarier than that costume though when one of the people they prank pulls out a REAL gun!

Heart-stopping stuff coming right up…


Some of these practical jokers take things too far, don’t they? The kid up there isn’t the only YouTube prankster to get a gun pulled on him recently, either. Here’s another one. Mad dudes. Mad, entertaining dudes.

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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