Miracle Baby: This Mother’s Love Resuscitated Her Dying Infant

When expectant Australian couple David and Kate Ogg rushed to the hospital, they were worried. Kate was only 27 weeks pregnant when she went into labour and it was a difficult birth. Kate was having twins – her first child was delivered nice and healthy and went into the grateful arms of doting dad David. But there was something wrong with the second twin, Jamie… Doctors broke the heart-breaking news to the Oggs. Jamie hadn’t survived. Shattered by the news, Kate could do nothing but hold little Jamie close to her chest and show him love while she still could. Kate Ogg The idea of a mother taking a struggling newborn to her chest and letting the little ‘un feel their mum’s warmth and heartbeat is known Down Under as ‘kangaroo care’. Kate said about the technique: “The baby comes out of you, and all of a sudden there isn’t the warmth or smell of the mother or the sound of their heartbeat. And so putting him back on my chest was as close to him being inside me where he was safe.”  Miracle Baby And then a miracle happened… An astonishing story, isn’t it? If you think brave mum Kate Ogg’s tale of hope and joy deserves to be heard, then why not share it with your friends and family?

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Written by Boredom Bash

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