Neighbors Said He Was Crazy For Handing Over $8300 For 400ft Of Plastic – Until It Saved His Home!

Randy Wagner is a man who likes to be prepared for anything. And he’s the kind of dude who knows how things work and likes to get things done. So when he heard that a flood would be hitting his Texas neighborhood, he didn’t take it lightly…

He went out and purchased almost $8,500 worth of plastic and made his own little aquadam to protect his property. He advised his friends and neighbors to take precautions too. But they just laughed at him. But they weren’t laughing for long… When the flood hit? Randy’s house was safe and secure. But all around him??? Not so much.

Proof that the smartest thing to do in any given situation isn’t always what everyone else is doing. Sometimes you need to plow a lone furrow to achieve results. Respect to the guy…

Plastic Dam Saves House

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Written by Boredom Bash

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