So Touching – This Woman Listens to Her Daughter’s Heartbeat For a Final Time

When 13 year-old Taylor Storch died on the last day of a family holiday when skiing in Colorado, it was a tragic waste of a life. Understandably, her parents Todd and Tara were devastated. But they were determined to ensure that their loss wasn’t a complete waste. They made sure that poor Taylor’s organs were donated to whoever might need them. And someone did indeed need them…

39 year-old Patricia Winter started to feel ill just after the birth of her second child. Soon, her health had deteriorated to the point where she would sleep 18 hours a day. Her heart began to fail. She needed a transplant. And she got one. Her new heart? Taylor’s.

Taylor’s mum wanted nothing more than to know that her baby’s heart had been put to good use. She wanted to hear her daughter’s heart beat again. And six months after Taylor died, she got that opportunity.

Mother Hears Daughter's Heart Again

Witness the moment Todd and Tara come face to face – and heart to heart – with the recipient of their daughter Taylor’s heart, Patricia. It’s a unique, sad and yet beautiful scene. It’s time to reach for the tissues…

What did we tell you? Such a beautiful story. Touch someone you love with this story – share it with them. Just warn them – it WILL make them cry!

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Written by Boredom Bash

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