A Baby’s About to Crawl Onto a Highway – Until This Ex-Con Saves Her!

Bryant Collins from Georgia has a little trick for calming down crying kids – playing them gospel music. It’s a trip he learned from his Grandma. And it’s a trick that’s come in useful recently. Why? Well, when he saved a baby about to crawl onto a highway, she was understandably pretty upset!

The 15 month-old crawled a full 300 yards from her home after her parents stopped watching her and very nearly ended up in the road. The toddler’s dad has since been arrested and local police are weighing up whether to arrest the mum too.

Bryant admitted to the local news network that he spent a decade in jail for manufacturing cocaine but on leaving, promised to turn things around. And now he’s a hero!

Wow. What a dude. But what were her parents thinking?! Unbelievable stuff when you think about it.

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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