Here’s Why You Don’t Feed Ducks Bread

What do you feed ducks? Bread, right? Right. We all do. Especially if we have young children. But it turns out that we shouldn’t feed ducks bread. It can be hazardous to their health as well as to their habitat and environment. It’s something we’ve all done for so long, but the message that it’s not a good idea is very real and should be spread.

Bread essentially has nothing in the way of nutritional value. It’s filler. Packed full of sugars, additives, preservatives, bleaches and highly calorific, it’s not a great diet. Worse still? Ducks become reliant on the foodstuff and shirk their natural diet. They then find it very difficult to process other, healthier foods, when they do get a non-bread chance.

The bread can also pollute waterways, causing toxic and poisonous algae and molds. It also attracts infection-riddled vermin like rats to the area. And ducks like clean riverbanks!


Calorific bread has also been proven to cause ‘angel wing’, a deformity of the wing – brought on by too much bread. Bread is high in protein and carbohydrates, and low in vitamins D, E and manganese. And it can do irreparable damage to the wings.

So what should you feed them instead? Well, experts claim that frozen peas, lettuce, carrots and halved grapes are the most recommended.


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Written by Boredom Bash

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