This Foal Was Drowning. But When All Hope Seemed Lost, A Miracle Happened

When a park volunteer happened across a herd of wild horses in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest, she was in for the surprise of her life.

The volunteer spotted the horses grazing along the banks of the Salt River. She knew these horses. One of them, a stallion called Champ, did something amazing that day. Luckily, the volunteer was on hand to witness and to photograph the whole event:

Champ and his herd spotted another group of horses grazing on the opposite bank of the Salt River:


Two of the horses on the opposing side of the river were a pair of fun-loving young colts.


Young colts like to mess around. These two certainly did!


Champ noticed the commotion. He decided to lead his herd over the river to greet them.


But as they were crossing the river, a young foal was pulled away from the rest of the herd by the current.


She was repeatedly pulled under the river’s surface.


Champ knew he needed to act. And act fast! He made his way over to the struggling foal and attempted to grab her by the scruff of the neck. He failed.


The foal was in real danger of being lost forever. Champ wasn’t having that!


He moved further downriver; further away from his herd. He needed to save that foal.


By some miracle, he finally managed to get a hold of the foal.


Now secure in his powerful grip, Champ dragged the foal back to safety.


After Champ’s dramatic rescue, the foal headed for her worried mom.


Having got the job done, Champ made his way over to the new horses.

13-wild-horse-rescue (1)

Another stallion gave Champ the horse version of a pat on the back for his brave rescue of the foal.

14-wild-horse-rescue (1)

It’s all in a day’s work for the big guy. They don’t call him ‘Champ’ for nothing!


Nice work, Champ! You saved the day and taught that young foal a very valuable lesson today.

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Written by Team Bash

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