These Jaw-Dropping Tattoo Ideas Will Blow Your Mind

Tattoo ideas for Your Next Design

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, you may be struggling with just what you want to get. It’s not uncommon for the desire for a tattoo to hit you before the decision about what to get actually get. But you still want to spend some time considering the matter, given that it’s a (mostly) permanent decision. Keep on reading for some tattoo ideas that may help you make a decision.

Something from Your Favorite Movie

We all have a favorite movie. In fact, most of us have a couple. The great thing about films is that, though they often have plenty of great dialogue, they also come with very rich pictures to draw tattoo ideas from. You can even combine pictures with a line from the movie to incorporate the two.

 The Joker Tattoo Is Very PopularHeath ledger joker tattoo ideas

The Godfather – Marlon Brando Tattoo


If you Want To Be A Superhero, Getting A Tattoo Won’t Cut It – 3D Superman Tattoo


A Complete Gangster Tattoo Backpiece – The Addition Of What We Think Are His Own Little Gangsters Top Right


The Same from Your Favorite Book

Of course, there are just as many tattoo ideas to be taken from books, if not more. The cool thing about books is often there is no movie to go along with it. This gives you or your artist some creative license when it comes to creating an image that corresponds to your choice in literature. Not that an image is needed, necessarily. You can just as easily pick words from your book of choice and nothing else.

Amazing Realism in this Albert Einstein Tattoo

Albert Einstein Tattoo

Choose a Favorite Song or Band

Speaking of words, for many of us, songs contain our favorite phrases or pieces of advice. Lyrics also allow us the freedom of picking an image of our own to go with them (if we want one), as one isn’t supplied in the source material.

You can also choose to simply have the band’s logo or a picture of the artist tattooed on your body. Obviously, either can be paired with one of their lyrics.

The Legend – Bob Marley Tattoo

Bob Marley Tattoo

Metallica Tattoos are Very Popular

Metallica tattoo

Just a word of wisdom: be sure to research the actual lyric before using it. Much like poetry, song lyrics are often very easy to misinterpret and you don’t want that mistake permanently etched onto your body. Also, when it comes to musical lyrics, it can be very easy to completely mishear what the words are in the first place. So be sure to measure twice, before cutting once.

Family Members

In terms of inspiration or things that mean a lot to us, family members are often what we think of for tattoo ideas. The right artist experienced with portrait work can make that important person or peoples a permanent part of your body’s landscape.

Hyper Detail in this Portrait Tattoo

Portrait Tattoo

Awesome Tattoo Portrait of a Child

Portrait Tattoo


Portraits can be tricky work, however, especially when they’re of people we know, as we’re more likely to fixate on perceived flaws. So do your research first and find portrait artists who have a resume that shows their work side-by-side with the photos they’re based off of.

Family members can include pets too. Plenty of people got their tattoo ideas thanks to their favorite four legged friends.

Amazing 3D Snake Tattoo

Snake Tattoo

Very Detailed Cat Tattoo


Commemorate Important Moments

We have all had moments in our lives that we wished would last forever. Other times it’s moments that we knew would change our lives altogether. Either way, the need to hold onto those moments is often the drive behind having them commemorated on our bodies with ink. Whether it’s the birth of a child, a marriage or even a death of a loved one, tattoos that serve as constant reminders of important moments can often be the most important ones we can get.

While you should always take your time when considering a tattoo, hopefully the above ideas help get the ball rolling. Just remember that you should personalize your final decision as much as possible so any of the above tattoo ideas become unique to you and your personality.

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