It’s Just A Normal Car Ride. Then THIS Song Comes On The Radio!

Singing dogs. There’s not much else that can set me off quite like ’em. We’ve featured them here at Bash before. We told you about Coco the rottweiler, with her penchant for nursery rhymes, as well as Sebastian the Newfoundland and Angel the Husky, who both loved a duet.

Well now we can add Honey the Michael Jackson fan to our list of canine crooners. Honey is being driven home by her owner Melissa Mourelatos, when the latter decides to put on Will You Be There? by the late pop star. As soon as that snare kicks in, Honey is off, hitting high notes that MJ would be proud of! It’s quite the performance.

She can really wail!

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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