Is Your Dog Or Cat Doing This? Time To Get Them To The Vet. It May Just Save Their Life.

Our pets have many different ways of telling us they’re unwell, and it’s very important that we pay attention to the signs.

They might suddenly be listless, or off their food. They might be aggressive or disinterested in their daily routine.

It’s always a worry when your pet is ill, and a trip to the vet’s may be expensive, but it’s worth it for maintaining your animal’s continuing good health and your peace of mind. A pet is a member of the family, after all, and we wouldn’t want to see one of the family team down.

One symptom pet-owners often overlook is this:


This strange behaviour is known as ‘head pressing’.


Head pressing may be a sign that there is something seriously wrong with your pet. It could indicate raised liver toxicity, or damage to the animal’s central nervous system.


It may also be a sign of toxic posioning, tumors, brain damage or even that the animal has had a stroke.


It is important to consult your veterinarian if your pet shows this type of behavior.


Head pressing can be an indication of a serious neurological disorder. It is important to recognize the symptoms because one day it might just save your pet’s life.

Let’s keep ’em healthy.